Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Time for the 4th of July

So this year for The 4th of July we wanted to actually do something haha.....what I mean by that is we actually wanted to go out instead of sitting at home and watching the fireworks on the roof of our house.  So we decided to check out Santana Park here in Corona who puts an amazing 4th of July party with live bands, dozens of jumpers for the kids, tons of food vendors and of course an amazing firework show.

A little pic of a few of the kids rides...

So that morning we woke up and got ready and thought we would go drive by the park and see what was going on.....well a ton of stuff was going on......almost all the streets around it were shut down and there had to be a few hundred people who were already setting up EZ-UP's and BBQ's and that was only at 10 in the morning.  The actual festivities they put on didn't start till 4pm.  So of course we got stressed after hearing last year over 30,000 people attended so we decided to grab some chairs, blankets and our shade and head down to save a spot haha yes we are those people who have to be super on time...ok ok ok those people who have to be 6 hours early haha.

So now that my family thinks I am crazy we decided to go back home and pack an ice chest and get a few more things then headed back.  We finally got set up and started to relax and finally 4pm came around and we took Gav on the jumpy slides and got some yummy food.  Then a few hours later my sister and her family came and the kids went on more rides and we ate again haha.  We played a little soccer, flew a kite and had a lot of fun listening to the music.  We had a wonderful day then ended the day of with the beautiful firework show.  I see this becoming a family tradition and I couldn't be happier to start something with Gavin and our family.

My Little Patriotic Boy

Yah I am cool....

Bear going down the slide

TT and Gav

Getting ready for the fireworks...


Love this picture of the firemen on top of that ladder.....

My little buggy missed the fireworks he passed out two minutes before they went off and of course stayed asleep the whole time hahaha


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