Monday, March 4, 2013

Gavin's Dramatic Owie

Ok ok it isn't that big of a deal but for Gavin it is one of the biggest things to happen to him ever hahaha.  So I thought that this story needed its own blog haha.
While we were at legoland this past weekend for his cousins bdays we were have a great time...we were going on rides checking out all the legos and all of a sudden Gavin tripped and got upset.  He really didn't fall that hard but he had skinned his knee a little bit.  It didn't look bad at all but if anyone knows my kid he is the one that will cry if something is on his shirt or if his hands get dirty so when he saw that his knee was scrapped up he freaked.  Literally got so upset and was quite funny.  So we kept going and he decides to still be upset so grandma gets a band aid out to hopefully cover it and then he will be ok......well not so he keeps saying his knee hurts and he starts limping bahahaha yes my kid was putting on a real show lol.
We finally get him to sit in the stroller to calm down......we finsih up at legoland and head home.  First thing he does when he gets out of car is limp haha he is really working it now.  Then it hit me that this was not gonna be it.....I still had to give him a bath and I knew right when the warm water hit that scrap he was gonna flip....oh boy did he.  He did not like the way that then I grab my "momma kit" and told him that woody and buzz would save the day.
After the bath...
The official OWIE........
Woody and Buzz save the day..
It has been a few days and the scrap is pretty small but he still limps and is I am still saving the day with woody and buzz haha.  Love my little guy and I had to document this Owie and show him when he grows up haha.  I am sure this will not be the last post but 1st of many Owies he will have as he grows up.  Crossing my fingers they are only this bad cause I don't think I could handle if he was really hurt.



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