Friday, May 25, 2012

Britney Is Part of the 100 Mile Club for 1st Grade

So all the schools around here and I know around So Cal are doing this thing called the 100 mile club during the school year.  It is a goal the kids are trying to achieve throughout the school year to reach 100 miles by graduation or end of the school year.  I am happy to say that Britney made it this year and got 105 miles.  I am so very proud of her. 

Britney was a little scared because she was going into the last week to run miles and she was 9 miles away, so she asked me if I would join her after school for their last family fun run night so she could get her miles in and of course I wouldn't say no.  So in two hours we got her 7 miles to add towards her goal.  Believe me if there was no time limit we would still be walking and running haha.  So by the next week she would only have to do 2 miles and she ended up doing 7 more on her own.  I am so proud of you you sooooo much!!

Here is poor Bear she is beat red after our 7 miles...

Here she is with her Best Friend Noah receiving their awards and Medals!!


Carly did a great job this year as well she ended up doing 72 miles for Kindergarten....I guess you can say next year I will be helping out again to make sure Carly gets those miles and makes it to the 100 mile goal.

So So So Proud of you Britney and Carly!!!


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