Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Valentine's Day Pictures"

So of course Auntie Mandi and I had to capture the holiday with a little photo session for Valentine's Day.  We didn't tell Adam we were doing them cause I was gonna surprise him for Valentine's Day but of course he found out.  We had so much fun taking his pictures but of course he once again had to put up with our crap hahahaha.  I am telling you he is gonna hate us when he gets older that's for sure.  However, even though we put him through hell we got some really really great pictures. 

Yes we got it the Stinky Face...

Aunti Mandi and Mom...I am over this hahahaha

No really I am done....

Ok just kidding hahahaha stinky!!!!

This was the one I picked for the Valentine's Day cards I love this one.

Auntie Mandi thank you again so much for capturing every moment that I will forever treasure in my heart.  We love you with all of our heart and are so so thankful to have such a beautiful and talented person in our lives.  

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