Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Britney's 6th Birthday @ the Zoo"

So a few weeks ago my niece Britney turned 6 years old so we all headed to the zoo.  Carly also turned 5 a few days later and they went to Disneyland but I was not able to go but so glad we made it too the zoo.  So the night before we left for the zoo I was telling Gavin we are gonna go see monkey's and elephant's and he could not stop laughing.

I love this video I can watch it a million times.

So the next day we packed up the car and headed to the San Diego Zoo which I absolutly love and want to go back when Gavin can really understand whats going on.  (He slept almost half the time we were there...he knew mom wanted photo-ops).  We got to see so many animals and the look on Britney's face was priceless she loved it soo much.  Happy 6th birthday Britney so glad we were able to spend a wonderful day with you.  Auntie Booty loves you to pieces!!!

Here is the Gang....we missed you Adam...
Of course Gavin loved the elephant's so did Britney....
Ummm birthday cake...
So tired from a long day..

make a wish.....

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