Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gavin's 1st Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

I can not believe my little man is already 4 months old....he is getting soooo big.  Today we took him to the pumpkin patch, even though he has no clue what was going on mom saw a great time for more pictures...poor little guy.

Well right when we got there Gavin fell asleep and mean old mom had to wake him up....or at least try too!!!

Sleepy little boy....

Well I finally got him up and of couse mom saw all the places to take cute pictures so poor little guy had to bare with is his 1st trip to the pumpkin patch I had to take about a million photos.

Almost fully awake

He is really telling me "really mom really"!!!!

Totally Two and 1/2 Men hahahahahaha!!!!

I am soooooo bigger!!!

Totally wants to eat the pumpkin.......and trying to say ok mom this might be a little cool......ok maybe not hahaha!!!

We had a great little family day today can't wait for many more to come with this little him sooo much and as much as I don't want him to grow up I am enjoying all of the milestones he is experiencing!!!  Love you baby boy!!!

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